Why the Rich Get Richer

…and the successful become more and more successful.

I have to confess something to you. While you can definitely glean ideas, tips and important distinctions that will accelerate your progress, there are a few advantages that do separate the superachievers from everyone else that are not easily accessible.

Advantages you cannot simply find in a magazine, book or CD/DVD program, unfortunately.

These three advantages are access to Counsel, Connections and Strategies.
Let me explain briefly.

Counsel—The best in the world have the best in the world advising, consulting and coaching them. It is one of the greatest ways they gain advantage over their competitors.

The best golfer, tennis player, baseball pitcher, singer, even surgeon, CEO and top entrepreneur all invest in highly paid advisors and coaches. Why? This is a massively critical point about high performance.

There is a phenomenon called unconscious incompetence, meaning, you don’t even know when you aren’t doing something correctly or to the best of your ability. It takes someone outside of you to observe, identify, prod and counsel you in order to bring awareness to the adjustments needed take your performance to the next level.

A top CEO once said to me, “You can never pay too much to rent someone’s eyes, mind and experience.”

If you want to take your life to the next level, you, too, will want to seek out the best advisors and coaches to help get you there.

Connections—It is not just who the top achievers in the world know and have access to; what’s far more critically valuable is
the high-achieving reference group this provides them.

As human beings we raise or lower our performance to match the expectations and performance level of our reference group.

As Stephen Covey pointed out, if you take a walk with someone whose pace is quicker than yours, it will be uncomfortable at first but you will ultimately (and unconsciously) match their pace. The same is true if someone’s pace is naturally slower than yours—you will slow your pace to match theirs.

The power of associations has been written about many times, but this is one of the great limitations most success seekers have in being able to raise their game and change their life—they aren’t connected to a reference group that can help them reach their goals.

This is why the ubër-successful join country clubs, symphony groups, boards of charity organizations, private dining clubs and other exclusive groups where they can mix with other like high achievers. Then they unconsciously raise their respective game keeping up with each other.

If you want to take your life to the next level, you, too, will need access to a high-performing reference group to associate with.

Strategies & Systems—The top performers in the world have the strategies and systems that allow them to execute at a much higher level than other businesses or people. Most people are constantly floundering, guessing and don’t have a proven plan or strategy to follow at all.

Richard Branson said, “Once you created a success of one business you can create a success in many more by following the same set of principles.” The key is to know those principles.

Summary, however you do it, to gain the advantages of the rich, powerful and super-successful:
1) Seek the best counsel, coaches and advisors you can obtain.
2) Find and immerse yourself in a network of high-achieving relationships and associations.
3) Learn the specific strategies and systems that power the best in the world in becoming the best in the world.

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