Branding Your Self

Describe yourself in one word. What’s the word? What one word do others use to describe you? (Don’t know? Ask a few people.) Is it the same word? That word is your reputation, your personal brand. Is that the brand you want and need to accomplish your goals in your marketplace? If not, that could … Continue reading


It certainly would be wonderful to relive our fondest memories, to undo past mistakes, to halt time in order to get ahead, or somehow to foresee and prevent future disasters. Yet in actuality, we’re stuck plodding through life second by second. We don’t get any do-overs, we cannot peer into the future, and we can … Continue reading


John Maxwell As a communicator, perhaps nothing is worse than scanning the audience halfway through a presentation only to see people fiddling with smartphones, fidgeting in their chairs, or—worst of all—falling asleep in a puddle of drool. If someone had filmed my life, my communication blunders and mistakes could be turned into hours of humorous … Continue reading