When you hear the word problem is your emotional response positive? Probably not. Appreciating a problem is counterintuitive for many people. Most people see a problem as a nuisance and try to avoid it. However, if we have the right attitude and appreciate a problem, not only will we work harder to solve it, but we will also learn and grow from it.

Problems always bring opportunities, and opportunities always bring problems. The two go hand in hand. If we can learn to appreciate that truth, we have a real advantage in life.

When I was running a small business I would come to work in the morning and be overwhelmed with new problems that had to be dealt with immediately. Moan and groan until I realized that my job was to take care of problems. If there were no problems, I wouldn’t have a job. Anybody could do this job. As my father would tell me….. “The problems we take care of right away; the impossible takes a little longer.” I thank God I have a job taking care of problems.

I agree with the opportunity for learning that comes with problems. I want to add that dealing with and solving problems also helps the person to develop patience, persistence and self confidence. I think we have failed our children in many cases in this particular area. We are way too intent on making sure they “feel no pain”. Without allowing them to sink too deeply-I think we must insure that children work through problems as well as adults with our assistance. The character building aspects of working through problems cannot be overstated in my opinion both for kids and adults. The feeling of achievement when you work through and solve a problem is quite encouraging and that attitude of “oh! a challenge, let’s solve it” becomes more and more prevalent. This attitude is what builds a society of believers and achievers

Wow, I needed this today. I had a mountain of ‘problems’ to dig out of. I now have a mountain of potential to learn from and overcome. The same list of things need to get done today, but now I have a different point of view.

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