Are You Chasing Success Or Is Success Chasing You?

Here’s the question for this week. Are You Chasing Success Or Is Success Chasing You?

This is not a philosophical question nor is it simply a sentence with a nice play on words. It is a question that get’s at the heart of how you think about success. Is success something separate from you and that you have to pursue with urgency, anxiety, and apprehension? Or, is it something that you already have and that you’re working to attract more of it?

Chasing success or success chasing you is a great perspective through which to view your personal and your professional life. If you want to have success chase you, there are three things that you have to do.

#1.  You have to have a success mindset. You have to develop a mindset that says, “I am playing to win, not playing not to lose.” You have a mindset that says, “I am successful and I am going to attract more success to me.” In all of my coaching and consulting work everything starts with mindset. Do you have a success mindset or a scarcity mindset?

#2. You have to behave like a success. You can’t have a success mindset and then shop looking for the lowest deal or the lowest price. That does not compute with a success mindset. The way you behave must be similar to how successful people with the same values as you behave. For example, you are generous when you leave a tip or are generous with other people. When you have a success mindset your cup runneth over and you willingly give to other people. You are generous.

#3. You have to spend time with successful people. If you have a great success mindset, and your behaviors are aligned with other successful people you respect, then you cannot spend time with people who are unsuccessful and who have no aspiration to become successful. They will weigh you down.

Yes, there are three things you must do. You have to cultivate a success mindset, you have to behave as successful people do, and you have to spend time with successful people so they nourish and uplift you to create even more excitement around success.

If you do these three things, success will chase you and that is a fabulous way to live your personal and professional life.

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